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Tagged by the lovely KBbookreviews whose reviews I greatly enjoy, and I loved her answers for this. Thanks for the tag!

Would you rather… read only trilogies or standalones?

I think I’m going to say that – while I love trilogies and series – I tend to find a hard-hitting standalone to be more impactful. It also doesn’t tie you into a longer time commitment, which is sometimes an issue with an ever-growing TBR list!

Would you rather… read only male or only female authors?

So a few years ago, I made my way through a list of some of my favourite books, and realised how few female authors there were on it… and it blew my mind how much I’d been subconsciously restricting myself! So I made a point of making 2017 the year that I read nothing written by a man. And it opened me up to so many books that, for some reason, I might not have picked up otherwise, instead going with the new highly-marketed book from a male author.

Anyway, in 2018 I ended up also reading books purely from female and/or non-binary authors. Only, that wasn’t by design. 2017 taught me that I tend to, as a broad generalisation, prefer the female voice and find it much more relatable.

While I now read more books by men again, I would definitely tend towards women writers if I had to choose, as most of the books that really connect with me are not written by men. 2017 and 2018 gave me several new favourite books!

Would you rather… shop at Barnes & Noble or Amazon?

I live in the UK, so Barnes & Noble isn’t so much a big thing here. I try to support independent bookshops where I can, but the truth is that I’m a Kindle addict, and as much as I hate Amazon as a company, I do get a huge number of my books through them for the convenience of having my whole library in something that fits in my handbag!

Would you rather… all books became movies or TV shows?

TV shows, for sure. The great thing about the written word is how it can use hours upon hours to explore in-depth the story that is happening. Movies do not allow for that in the same way that TV shows could replicate it. I know that given the later seasons, this isn’t the most rock-solid example, but imagine if they’d made Game Of Thrones as one movie per book!

(Side note: super excited for the TV adaptation of His Dark Materials next month!)

Would you rather… read 5 books per week, or 5 pages per day?

This one honestly varies month-to-month. This month has been so busy with work and my personal life that 5 pages per day feels like not much less than I’ve actually been reading! But in quieter months (or when on a lazy holiday!), 5 books per day is also a reality.

If I had to choose one though… as much as I’d love 5 books per week, it’s not a sustainable reality for me at the moment! So 5 pages per day, reluctantly.

Would you rather… be a professional reviewer or an author?

One of the reasons I love reading other people’s stories so much is that I am not good at thinking up my own. So a reviewer, for sure!

Would you rather… only read your top 20 favourite books over and over, or always read new ones that you haven’t read before?

As much as I’m itching for a reread of so many books, I think that out of all of the books I’ve read over the past two years, only two have been rereads (Station Eleven for the second time last year, and Watership Down a few months ago for the first time since I was a child). Again, as my TBR list keeps growing, I’d have to say that I’d want to keep exploring new work!

Would you rather… be a librarian or a bookseller?

I like the idea of being a librarian, however with friends who actually do that job I hear about all of the many negative aspects, especially as they become more and more underfunded in this country. I have worked a few retail jobs in my life, and one of my favourites was working in a bookshop, so I’d probably go back to that if I had to choose between the two.

Would you rather… only read your favourite genre, or read anything except your favourite genre?

Oh I’d read my favourite genre over and over again, easily. At the moment I have a huge love for post-apocalyptic books, and despite some similarities obviously emerging between works, I love how different they can also be. So, so long as I can choose that as a genre (which is kind of cheating as obviously “post-apocalyptic” can encompass general, sci-fi, fantasy, and many other genres!) then that’s an easy one to answer.

Would you rather… only read physical or e-books?

E-books for convenience, easily. The convenience of carrying them around, the convenience of marking sections and/or making notes on them and easily being able to search for them, the convenience of a built-in dictionary allowing you to look up words you don’t understand as you read them..! If I could use a loophole where I could still support physical bookshops by buying from there and either giving to friends, donating to places that could use them, or donating them to charity shops, then even better!

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